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    Adr: B-1 Building, 193 Nanlong Industrial Zone, Jinlong Road, Shijie Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou
    Tel: 020-31066929
    Manager Zhang: 18675965758
    Miss Tan: 18928827797

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    Cartoning machine

    Applicable scope
    Pharmaceutical industry: medicine board, oral liquid, ampoule, vials, bags of particles, paste paste, ointment, aerosol;
    Food industry: ice cream, egg rolls, bread, bags of coffee, spices, milk powder, etc .;
    Japanese goods industry: toothpaste, soap, cosmetics, mask, cream, lipstick, mosquito coils, etc .;
    Hardware industry: bearings, bulbs, switches, sockets, relays, chargers, etc .;
    Auto parts industry: spark plugs, filters, piston rings, car bulbs, automotive electronics, etc.
    Plastic industry: plastic wrap, disposable film gloves, plastic products, etc.
    Entertainment industry: pen, stapler, staples, India mud, glue, modified liquid, playing cards, puzzles, toys, handicrafts, etc.
    Paper: paper towel, sanitary napkins, pad, cotton and so on;

    product description:
    The main performance characteristics:
    1; the use of automatic feeding, open box, into the box, batch number, sealed box, tick waste and other forms of packaging, compact and reasonable, easy to adjust the operation;
    2; using servo / stepper motor and touch screen, PLC programmable control system, man-machine page display operation is more clear and simple, high degree of automation, more humane;
    3; the use of optical eye automatic detection tracking system, empty box no less than the box, to maximize the savings of packaging materials;
    4; packaging range, easy adjustment, a variety of sizes can be achieved between the rapid conversion;
    5; replacement specifications do not need to replace the mold, just adjust to achieve;
    6; the use of items into the box is not in place automatic shutdown and the main drive motor overload protection device; for more secure and reliable;
    7; according to customer requirements, the use of flip-type security shield; simple operation, beautiful appearance;
    8; with the bottling line, filling machine, labeling machine, Pen Maji, online weighing instrument, three-dimensional packaging machine, other production lines and other equipment to achieve linkage production;
    9; according to the packaging requirements of the design of a variety of feeders and into the box system;
    10; can be selected according to customer requirements hot melt machine, the use of hot melt adhesive spray box;

    Product parameters:
    Packaging speed 30-100 / min
    Carton size range L (100-350) mm x W (20-80) mm x H (15-60) mm
    Paper box paper requirements 250-350 / m3
    Motor power 1.5KW
    Power supply type three-phase four-wire 380V 50Hz
    Gas source 0.5-.08Mpa
    Air consumption 120-160L / min
    Dimensions 3200x1400x1800 mm
    Machine weight of about 1400Kg


    Adr: B-1Building, 193 Nanlong Industrial Zone, Jinlong Road, Shijie Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou
    Tel: 020-31066929 ú╗Manager Zhang: 18675965758ú╗Miss Tan: 18928827797

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