Two Technologies To Try in 2018

November 28th, 2017

I try to keep up with technology (emphasis on the try). Here are two that I personally think are worth exploring: 1. ARKit and ARCore Apple’s ARKit is what Project Tango should have been from day one. I’m genuinely impressed at Apple’s implementation of AR and the fluidity of the user experience. ARCore will likely catch up in the next year or two and I expect AR to open new opportunities in the interaction of 3D worlds and objects. Keep an […]

Use Your Kindle as an External Monitor (well, almost)

April 21st, 2015

You can share a terminal session using your Kindle, which means you can use it as an external monitor for text-only applications. You won’t be able to do much web browsing or design work beside ASCII art, but if you’re a coder or a sysadmin, I’m sure this is not really going to bother you. Here’s a brief list of steps required to get this hack working. Jailbreak your Kindle. Install a Terminal application on it so that you can open […]

Velcro + Phone = Hands-Free GPS

February 28th, 2015

Have you ever searched for directions on your phone while driving? You probably know how tricky it gets to drive with one hand on the phone. Here’s my hack for the day. It’s a little ugly and it obscures part of the audio player LCD, but I don’t usually read what’s on the LCD anyway. Make sure to check your state/country laws before doing it, as it might not be allowed. Also make sure you place the soft side of […]

How To Bypass T-Mobile’s Mobile HotSpot Filter

August 15th, 2014

If you are a T-Mobile customer and tether your internet connection from your phone, you might have encountered this annoying screen: Now this is a ridiculous effort by T-Mobile to charge you twice for using the data plan that you already paid for. I call it a ridiculous effort because they have no sure way of detecting whether an internet request comes from your phone or from a device connected to it, and this is clearly a way to milk […]

How to make sure that your Digital Ocean mail server’s e-mails do not end up in Gmail’s Spam folder

July 28th, 2014

So you have setup your own mail server on Digital Ocean. Everything works great, but for some reason all of your outgoing mail to Gmail’s addresses ends up in the Spam folder. What to do? 1. Check your SPF record SPF is a validation system to detect spoofing and needs to be setup in your DNS records. Fire up the DNS console of your droplet and make sure that you have it setup properly by adding a “TXT” record with the following […]

Getting 3 months of VPS for $5

June 8th, 2014

Today I was shopping for an inexpensive virtual private server. After a little bit of research I ended up finding Digital Ocean. They offer several VPS packages, with the cheapest one priced at $5/month. I was quite surprised to see that $5 would have bought me a month of : 512MB Memory 1 Core Processor 20 GB SSD Disk 1 TB Transfer Pretty neat!  On D.O. you can deploy instances (they call them “droplets”) of Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian and CentOS in four different regions (New York, Amsterdam, […]

Tips on buying Apple products at a discount

March 29th, 2014

I recently decided to purchase a Mac Mini to do some mobile app development, after a few years of being away from the mobile app industry. Not surprisingly, it is still costly to purchase Apple hardware. So here are a few things that I discovered while hunting for good deals on used/refurbished Apple products. It’s unlikely that you will find a used bargain on websites like eBay or Amazon. Most Apple products seem to retain their perceived value even after […]

Horizontal scrolling single page website done right

March 7th, 2014

Single page websites are quite a hot trend in web design, with vertical scrolling being the most popular (probably because of its ease of implementation). In this article I will summarize a strategy to implement a horizontal scrolling single page website for the purpose of achieving a certain usability goal. Too many times people implement a scrolling strategy just because “it looks cool”, or just because it’s the hot new trend, forgetting that a good design should be functional and aimed […]

My hardest debugging session just ended today

November 28th, 2013

The hardest debug situation of my life just ended. Celebrate! I was trying to make a USB audio adapter to work on an embedded device running OpenWRT, but Linux wasn’t recognizing the USB device. The device turned on, but wasn’t getting mapped to /dev. So I think, ok, I probably forgot the modules. I Installed the modules. Still no luck. Maybe I chose the wrong modules? I started trying different permutations of modules (with each try taking half an hour […]

Need a refreshment on that programming language?

March 16th, 2013

Today I found this awesome site: It contains a large archive of cheat sheets freely available for download about programming languages and libraries. Check it out.