Projects is one of the most popular websites about computer programming in Italy. It has an active forum with several hundred active members, which also contribute to the site by publishing articles, source code and news. Members can also keep track of their partecipation, give lessons through a webinar platform and share technical books with other members.

Glassomium is an open-source multi-touch window manager. It’s a user interface where web browser windows are rendered in real time to 2D textures. Users can rotate, scale and move windows by using multi-touch gestures. It uses 100% web technologies, which allows developers to quickly get applications running in a multi-touch environment without having to learn another complicated API.

PokerMuck is a poker utility that helps you play better online poker by providing real time statistics about your opponents.  It’s all written in C# and features a muck viewer, an advanced Heads Up Display and real time card recognition (to display useful odds for the current hand). It only supports Hold’em for several poker sites, but it can be easily extended to support more clients and more game modes!

Multiplayer Draw Poker is 5 card draw poker game written in Delphi 7. It allows people to play against up to 3 CPUs or against other human players across the LAN or Internet. It has an integrated lobby multiplayer client that allows people to meet in a chat room before starting an Internet play and supports multiple languages (currently English and Italian).

KLogo is a simple interpreted language similar to Logo (hence the name KLogo, Kind of Logo). I built it with C++ for my compiler design class at the University of Minnesota Duluth as part of my final project. It supports 4 variable types (bool, number, string and lists), iterators, conditional statements, user-defined functions. It also has a simple math library and a few I/O functions to interact with the console.

Raytracer is a raytracer written in C++ that supports OBJ files rendering, lambertian, blinnphong, normal and “glaze” shading, basic geometries for spheres, cylinders, cubes and triangles, reflections, soft shadows, roughness, texture mapping (spheres and cubes only), skymaps, transformations, BVH acceleration, multi-threaded rendering, point and area lighting, animation and stereographic (3D) rendering. The animation script is written in Ruby and features a simple language that is used to describe animation events.

Doodle Fillup is another game for the iPhone with a fast and simple learning curve. This project started off as a challenge from one of my coworkers that saw this ad on Reddit and told me to replicate it for iOS. Not only I built it for iOS, but I also made a port for OSX.

HScroller.js is a simple horizontal scrolling web template. It supports swipe gestures for touch-enabled devices, handles vertical scrolling in legacy browsers and implements hash routing for easy bookmarking/linking.

MySkinPal is a leading health care app for keeping track of your moles and to help you detect early skin cancer. Available for iOS and Android.

WebODM A free, user-friendly, extendable application and API for drone image processing. Generate georeferenced maps, point clouds and textured 3D models from aerial images. I’m one of the maintainers of the project.